How Do Suspension Parts Work? – NASCAR Race Cars

ride. Your tires are also in direct contact with the roads. It’s an intricate system that has several elements, each with its unique purpose.

The shock absorber or Strut is the main element of suspension systems. The shock absorber functions by dampening the wheels’ horizontal movement. This helps ensure that the tires are in touch with the pavement. It consists of a piston which moves up and down inside a cylinder, with gas or oil filling the gap between them. The shock absorber is inflated whenever the wheels come in contact with road bumps. It absorbs and stops the vehicle’s energy.

A spring can also be important since it can help take the vibrations and shocks created by the road surface. The spring typically is an iron coil which expands and contracts in response to the wheel’s movement.

Another vital element of suspensions is the swaybar also known as a bar that stabilizes. The sway bar is metallic piece that connects two wheels on the vehicle. It reduces body roll when cornering. This bar is made to resist the forces that cause the car to twist when it turns. It helps to keep the vehicle steady and avoids excess body roll.

The main suspension element is the control arms or A-arms. They connect the other suspension components to the vehicle’s frame. They also control the vertical movements of the wheels.


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