The Top H-2B Visa Application Tips for 2023 – Legal Magazine

The gram allows employers to employ temporary employees for non-agricultural work or services. This visa differs from H-2A visas in that the H-2A visa that can be applied to farmers. the H-1 visa is only employed by migrants. Processing companies for H2B visas expect to be extremely busy during the coming year.

Apply early! The H-2B visa for seasonal employment was approved in 2022, when there were no visas available before September 12, the earliest that it has ever been. It was not possible to obtain your H-2B Visa for the month of October in 2022 up to the third week of July. This was to ensure a place in the year’s end work cycle.

Beware of timing issues! The timing of the month is changing, and there’s a lot of new Department of Labor officers. The result is that visas require additional follow-up from officers that require assistance through law offices. You should have a solid package when you’re the first applicant. One of the biggest mistakes made by employers is to cite a shortage of labour and the COVID-19 disease in the application form. This will cause the DoL to reject your application right away.


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