Types of Fabrication – Industrial and Manufacturing Insights

When they hear the term fabrication using metal, people usually imagine welding. Welding is only one of the many processes that metal fabricators utilize. There are a variety of techniques which transform industry-related materials into parts or goods.

There are many fabrication techniques that you should be aware of.


This is the pouring of the molten metal that allows it to cool before hardening into a preferred shape.


The method used is in the production of industrial materials. They often break it into smaller pieces. While sewing is the oldest form of cutting, modern methods such as cutting with plasma and waterjet cutting are also available.


This is the art of making metals at an angle using manipulable materials.


Tensile is the method used to push the metal through or into the die with a tapered. Cold drawing is a technique that draws metal at the temperature of ambient.


The method involves manipulating metal in a way that causes it to bend at an an angle. This process can also be used to form sheet metal , and it can be accomplished using steel at temperatures of room temperature.


The piece gets forced around or through the die. This is when the diameter of the workpiece shrinks as it is forced. fdaxr5tz56.

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