10 Outdoor Wedding Shower Ideas – Amazing Bridal Showers

While you wait for the hunters to come back while you wait, enjoy some the refreshments offered by your hostess or wedding guest.

Photo booths are another preferred option. A photo booth is an enjoyable addition and is sure to enhance your ideas for outdoor weddings. The experience can be a lot of fun as you capture every memories in prints to look at and cherish forever. Photos can be taken either by yourself or in a group. In the process of preparing your yard to host the event it is possible to hire power spreaders and landscape designers to keep your outdoor space looking great.

Remember the Wedding Cake

Another essential tip to remember is to think about your wedding cake when organizing outdoor wedding shower ideas. Although the wedding cake is the centerpiece of every event, it can be distracting if your presentation isn’t perfect. It’s crucial to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy your dessert. The cake can make them feel uncomfortable if the weather is humid or hot.

Similar to any centerpiece, or dessert, you should keep visible food from view whenever possible. Aside from using the new size glass jars that are specifically designed for the display of cakes and desserts during wedding receptions, make sure you leave enough space between your cakes and desserts, placing it on a table near on one end or the top of a table in the center.

The cake can be set in ice, if you’re using a pedestal or fancy stand for presenting the cake. This can prevent the fondant and frosting from melting. A glass vase can also be wrapped in pretty newspaper and decorated with fresh flowers.

It is possible to borrow the idea of a cake knife to caterers and incorporate a pretty knife in the regular cake servers. This is an better option than just having a fork set. Give guests an extra incentive to try your special treats by attaching small packages with diverse flavors and sprinkles on their serving dishes.


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