What Is Strain Gaging? – Write Brave

I.e., if a construction or bridge that isn’t constructed appropriately, it may pose an extremely risk to safety. This is why strain gaging is important.

Engineers employ strain gaging to determine the strength limits of their structures as well as the weight they are able to bear. The strain gage generally consists consisting of 3 layers. A protective laminate top with thin metal sensing components and a bottom layer composed of plastic film. The three layers are used to evaluate a structure’s load bearing capabilities.

A strain gage will distort or flex as it’s attached to a surface subject to pressure. The result is a change of electrical resistance that is proportional to the amount of strain that is applied to the surface. Engineers employ this formula to convert the variation in resistance into an exact strain readingand determine the maximum weight of the structure to be tested.

The design of many structures that people utilize daily requires strain-gauging. Our infrastructure won’t be as reliable or efficient without this measure.


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